Rakesh Rajdev – A Great Rescuer During The Covid-19 Pandemic Time

Have you heard about Rakesh Rajdev? He is a famous entrepreneur as well as an active social worker in India. He strongly believes in social morality so that one can support society’s growth.

He is a well-known owner of the famous luxurious three-star hotel namely Roma Kristo Hotel in Dwarka. Also, he runs trading companies in Dubai namely APM Bullion, APM Capital and APM Intl DMCC.

APM Intl DMCC – It is a company that deals with physical bullion trading where one can find wholesale trading services. APM Capital – It is a trading company which offers 24-hour trading services to customers. It is a user-friendly online trading platform that offers the safest and fastest trading platform for customers. APM Bullion – It is a company where customers can buy physical gold and silver bullion.

He also started a luxurious five-star hotel in Georgia namely Courtyard by Marriott under a licensed agreement with Marriott International, Inc.

Apart from running all these businesses successfully, Rakesh Rajdev also works as an active philanthropist and has supported countless families till now. He supports various people such as labourers, daily wagers and other people from low-income groups.

He always believes that education is important for every child and it will result in the country’s development. Hence he chooses the deserving students with financial support and offers them educational kits to support their education. The educational kit contains school bags, notebooks, water bottles, lunch boxes and other necessary stationery items.

Rakesh Bhai Rajdev also usually arranges the medical camps to support their health too. He has arranged for blood donation camps so that they will support countless individuals during emergencies. He carries out all these social welfare activities through the social welfare organization he runs namely Kanuda Mitra Mandal. Rakesh Rajdev started this NGO in the year 2011.

Through his NGO he has supported countless families and mainly supported the society during the COVID-19 outbreak. This NGO is very famous among the people since people think that it’s a ray of hope. The organization also supports the students who are brilliant but can’t afford the school fees and continue their education.

During the pandemic time, Rakesh Bhai Rajdev supported society in many ways. He came forward to support society by taking several measures. He understood that people were suffering from hunger issues. Hence a large number of food packages, grocery packages and other safety things through 34 trains so that they will reach their hometown.

Apart from these, he also supported the medical centres and hospitals during the pandemic time. Rakesh Rajdev understood that the hospitals were running out of stock on necessary items. Hence, he supplied testing kits, beds, sanitizing materials and other necessary medical equipment to various medical centres and hospitals so that they could continue offering treatment to the patients.

He also assured the luxurious rooms in the hotels when surviving during the needy hours for the frontline heroes and paramedical staff since they fought like warriors against all the odds in the pandemic situation.

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