Assistance Offered By Rakesh Rajdev To The Social Welfare

Rakesh Rajdev – He is a successful businessman who strongly believes in social conscience. He is a great social worker who plants the seeds of philanthropy in the hearts of many people.

He is a man of goodwill and a kind-hearted person. He takes many social welfare projects through his social welfare organization KanudaMitra Mandal so that he can support countless families and people.

Rakesh Bhai Rajdev is known by many people in society as a successful businessman and an active social worker. He is the owner of a very well-known hotel in Dwarka namely Roma Kristo Hotel. He showcases the qualities of a true philanthropist. He supports needy people as much as he can on daily purposes.

Rakesh Rajdev mainly supports the downtrodden families who find it difficult to fulfil their basic needs with his social welfare organization. He supports families from low-income groups such as labourers, dailywagers, students and many more.

Also, Rakesh supports the people who are deprived and dealing with food shortages. Rakesh supports people and families who face financial issues and help them lead better lives. He has also organized blood donation camps through his NGO so that it will be useful during emergencies of any people. Especially he acted in the best way during the time of the COVIDoutbreak through his NGO.

He understood that many people and families are suffering from hunger issues. Especially he found that the labour family ad daily wagers suffer a lot. Hence he supported them by offering food packages. A large number of meal packages were sent by trains to many people’s hometownsthemselves.

He also sent grocery packages and sanitizing kits along with food packages through 34 trains. In this way, he ensured that people doesn’t suffer from hunger issues. Since it was a pandemic time, Rakesh Rajdev made sure that the packages are safe and doesn’t spread any diseases among the people.

Students are the ray of hope for any country. But Rakesh Bhai Rajdev felt sad seeing the students who couldn’t continue their education due to poverty. Rakesh Rajdev always believes that increasing the literacy rate in society will help the country’s development. Hence he supported the education of many students.

Mainly he supported the students from Grade 1 to Grade 9. He offered school bags, notebooks, water bottles, lunch boxes and many other stationery items so that they can continue their education. Also, for the students from labour families, he also offered food packages so that they will not suffer from hunger issues.

During the pandemic time, even the hospitals and medical centres faced many challenges. Rakesh Rajdev understood this and supported them in many ways. Mainly the hospitals ran out of beds and medical equipment. Hence Rakesh Bhai Rajdev offered the medical centres and hospitals beds, testing kits, sanitizing kits and other necessary medical equipment so that they can offer support to COVID-positive patients and help them recover as soon as possible.

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